Importance of an Employee Handbook in Your Dental Office

Importance of an Employee Handbook in Your Dental Office

Posted by Administrator at 9:42 PM on Jan 22, 2018


Dental chairIt may seem like a daunting task to put together an employee handbook, but it’s likely you have more knowledge than you even realize. When creating an employee handbook, all you need to do is compile and write down the policies and procedures of the dental office that are already in practice. If you need help, your office manager can be a great resource.

What to Include in an Employee Handbook

Below are a few topics that should be included in your dental practice’s employee handbook:

  • Vacation – Make sure your handbook clarifies vacation days, and which days the office will have off. Also make sure your policies on sick days and personal days are also outlined clearly. This will prevent frustration and misunderstandings in the future.
  • Social Media – Social media policies have just recently started being included in employee handbooks. Let your employees know that discussing or posting personal information about employees is a violation of HIPAA. You should also outline when it’s appropriate to be on the internet during work hours.
  • Dress Code – If applicable, your policy should include things like cleanliness, jewelry, makeup, footwear, or hairstyling. Be specific about dress code, whether you wear uniforms or not. Include accommodations for employees who have religious beliefs that require a certain way of dressing.
  • Staff Evaluations – Lastly, in order for your employees to know where they stand, it’s important to have regular evaluations to discuss goals and areas in which employees are succeeded and where they need work.

Once you’ve completed your handbook, it’s a good idea to bind it all together and distribute them to current and new staff members. If you’d like more tips on running a successful dental practice or for any bookkeeping needs, please contact Dental Bookkeeping today.


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