Usage Tax? What I Need to Know

Usage Tax? What I Need to Know

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Consumer use tax, commonly known as usage tax, is a requirement for both private citizens and commercial entities. This usually applies to purchases like the acquisition of a dental practice that was up for sale but didn't have sales tax during the period of time it was purchased. When an organization's inventory is used internally and not sold to customers, consumer usage tax is also applicable.

Rate of Usage Tax

The state's sales tax and consumer use tax both have a 2.9% rate. The consumer use tax for any particular item may be subtracted from sales tax paid to other states with payment proof. It's vital to remember that certain local governments and special districts also collect usage taxes.

Special Tax Districts

In many states, the vast majority of people live in one of several special districts. The Scientific & Cultural Facilities District (SCFD) and the Regional Transportation District (RTD) are home to the majority of the metro population.

How to Pay or Report Usage Tax

The due date for businesses and other legal entities is dictated by the amount of money with respect to consumer usage tax that must be paid. Regardless of whether the overall sum of consumer usage tax paid by the business in a given year would be less than $300, it is still necessary to submit an annual use tax report. It must be turned in by January 20th of the subsequent year. If the total amount of tax due is greater than $300, the company or legal entity must file a return by the 20th day of the following month.


A transaction involving the sale of a dental practice must include usage tax. However, it also applies to the selling of other businesses. Therefore, in the aforementioned conditions, it is essential to take this tax into account, report it, and file it.

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