Our Process

  1. Gathering information and set-up

    Many clients initially ask about the process we use to collect the information needed to manage your bookkeeping. We provide a variety of options for set-up and monthly maintenance to meet the need of each client.

    • Remote assess to your online bookkeeping account
    • Pick-up and deliver of paperwork
    • Secure email and fax
    • Secure online document sharing
    • In-person meetings
    • Secure online meetings

    In addition, we provide you with a simple daily and monthly office checklist that will help you keep your finical information organized and easy to audit if needed.

  2. Monthly Bookkeeping Services

    Managing your financial records entails a lot of services. The following services are performed by our team to keep you on track:
    • Accurate entry of all transactions in your ledger
    • Record verification and correct entry of credit card transactions, check payments, auto bill payments, debit card expense payments, and payroll.
    • Monthly reconciliations of bank and credit card accounts
    • Journal entry to adjust for bank loan, equipment leases, or promissory note payments
    • Preparation of financial reports
    • Reconciliation of dental management software and QuickBooks account

  3. Monthly Reports

    Monthly reports are critical in your ability to manage cash flow and make financial decisions. We prepare and send monthly reports that include the following:
    • Profit & Loss Statement
    • Balance Sheet
    • Detailed list of transactions
    • Yearly comparison
    • Summary of dental manger software reconciliation

  4. 4 Year-end tax ready documentation

    We partner with your CPA to deliver tax-ready reports at the end of each year. We will customize your chart of accounts per your accountant’s preference.

  5. Analysis of Expenses

    We are experts in analysis expense and cash flow in a dental practice. We work with General Practitioners, Endodontists, Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons, Orthodontists, Pedodontists, Periodontist and Prosthodontists. Our team can help you compare your overhead expenses and establish benchmarks. Our goal is to provide valuable information to help you maximize your productivity.

    We can provide an additional income and expense analysis to help you make changes in your practice that will increase cash flow.


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