2 Essential Tips for Dental Bookkeeping

2 Essential Tips for Dental Bookkeeping

Posted by Administrator at 2:53 PM on Dec 14, 2020
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Regardless of what business you are working in, competition and challenges are at their peak in the current world and economy. The trends in the market are continually changing and evolving. It is crucial to have the business knowledge and strategy information of business management, accounting advisory, and bookkeeping in such a cut-throat environment.

If you are planning to become a dental bookkeeper, or are already one, here are some tips that can help you get better at the job.

  • Understand The Difference Between Cash Flow & Profit
    Cash flow and profit are basic things that all bookkeepers should be aware of. However, a lot of the in-house dental bookkeepers don’t learn to read and understand financial reports. Hence, when the dentists request monetary figures, it is common for the bookkeeper to provide them with profit figures. The dentist can then mistake this for the amount of available cash and end up purchasing things that are out of budget. This is because the profit amount does not represent the cash available for purchases and could result in a very costly mistake. So learning the difference between profit and cash flow is very crucial for dental bookkeeping.
  • Use an Industry Standard Chart of Account
    To track how much money is spent or received, it is advised to use an industry-standard account chart. This chart can also be used to prepare financial reports for the practice. When an accounting system is established, it is important to set up special accounts that can be tracked according to the dental industry standards. However, most dentists and dental bookkeepers make a common mistake of using a general chart of account for this purpose. This can cause the bookkeeper to create an incorrect chart. Later on, this is likely to result in the dentist not being able to effectively streamline and grow their practice, as the insight that they need for this purpose will be full of errors. Using an industry-standard chart of accounts can reduce this risk to a large extent.

Following these two tips will help improve your dental bookkeeping practice and prevent any mistakes that can cause a domino effect, ultimately resulting in severe financial problems for the dental practice.


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